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    Cannot download application to CYW920719Q40EVB-01


      Downloading demos to my CYW920719Q40EVB-01 is very inconsistent. It fails a majority of the time. If the UART port is not explicitly set, it cannot find the device. If I set the UART in the target, I get the error:


      15:02:08 **** Build of configuration Release for project 20719-B1_Bluetooth ****

      "F:\\Packages\\WICED-Studio-6.2\\20719-B1_Bluetooth\\make.exe" wiced_bt_class.L3_SuperMux-CYW920719Q40EVB_01 download UART=COM9

      Linking target ELF

      OK, made elf.

      ..\..\43xxx_Wi-Fi\tools\ARM_GNU\Win32\bin\arm-none-eabi-objdump: section '.ordered' mentioned in a -j option, but not found in any input file

      ..\..\43xxx_Wi-Fi\tools\ARM_GNU\Win32\bin\arm-none-eabi-objdump: section '.aon' mentioned in a -j option, but not found in any input file

      ..\..\43xxx_Wi-Fi\tools\ARM_GNU\Win32\bin\arm-none-eabi-objdump: section '.pram_rodata' mentioned in a -j option, but not found in any input file

      Call to L3_SuperMux_spar_crt_setup @ 002159d9

      OK, made F:/Packages/WICED-Studio-6.2/20719-B1_Bluetooth/WICED/../build/L3_SuperMux-CYW920719Q40EVB_01-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20719B1-L3_SuperMux-rom-ram-spar.cgs. MD5 sum is:

      6e82d92b536a9a624a4d5c728ba16f6b *../build/L3_SuperMux-CYW920719Q40EVB_01-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20719B1-L3_SuperMux-rom-ram-spar.cgs




      Patch code starts at              0x00270400 (RAM address)

      Patch code ends at                0x0027ACD8 (RAM address)

      Patch RW/ZI size                  2936 bytes

      Application starts at             0x00215768 (RAM address)

      Application ends at               0x002159D8 (RAM address)



      Patch code size                        43224 bytes

      Application RAM footprint                624 bytes


      Total RAM footprint                     3560 bytes (3.5kiB)




      Converting CGS to HEX...

      Conversion complete



      Creating OTA images...

      Conversion complete

      OTA image footprint in NV is 50584 bytes



      Downloading application...

      ****Download failed ****

      Trying baudrate 115200   Conn: PORT=COM9    BAUDRATE=115200

      Trying baudrate 3000000   Conn: PORT=COM9    BAUDRATE=3000000

      Downloaded 0 code bytes ( 0.0%) and 0 data bytes ( 0.0%). Verified 0 code bytes ( 0.0%) and 0 data bytes ( 0.0%).   Current state: Terminated with error

      Failed to determine baud rate

      Download failed. This WICED platform of the SDK only supports download to 207x9B1 devices.

      Follow the instructions in the 20719-B1 README.txt for downloading the application.



      15:02:23 Build Finished (took 14s.756ms)


      Hitting reset or doing a recover (-> Sw1 -> Sw2 <- Sw2 <- Sw1) does not fix the problem.