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    single byte write




      How do I do a single byte write with the S25FL512S memory?  Do I just use the page write command with and address, one data byte and terminate?

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          Yes, you are correct. Please see the explanation for page programming operation from our datasheet below.


          " Page Programming

          Page Programming is done by loading a Page Buffer with data to be programmed and issuing a programming command to move data from the buffer to the memory array. This sets an upper limit on the amount of data that can be programmed with a single programming command. Page Programming allows up to a page size (512 bytes) to be programmed in one operation. The page is aligned on the page size address boundary. It is possible to program from one bit up to a page size in each Page programming operation. It is recommended that a multiple of 16 byte length and aligned Program Blocks be written. For the very best performance, programming should be done in full pages of 512 bytes aligned on 512-byte boundaries with each Page being programmed only once."


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