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    CYBT-423028-02 Interrupt Handlers Not Getting Called


      I have a CYBT-423028-EVAL board with CYBT-423028-02/CYW20719 dual mode Bluetooth BR/EDR + BLE module. I'm using WICED Studio 6.2 for software development. I have successfully built and tested several of the example applications for this board. However, I am not able to get an input button interrupt service routine (ISR) working. I'm using the snip.hal.gpio example that came with WICED Studio as a basis for my code. I put wiced_hal_gpio_get_pin_input_status() and WICED_BT_TRACE() calls in a loop in application_start() to verify that I'm using the correct pin ID and that the button is actually working.


      However, adding this code:


                                                    hal_gpio_app_interrrupt_handler, NULL);


                                       (GPIO_INPUT_ENABLE | GPIO_PULL_DOWN | GPIO_EN_INT_RISING_EDGE),


      does not result in a call to the hal_gpio_app_interrrupt_handler() ISR. I added a call to wiced_hal_gpio_get_pin_config() to get/send the pin status and it's value is 521 (0x209) which seems correct.


      The ISR for the WICED_SECONDS_PERIODIC_TIMER that's in the same snip.hal.gpio example also does not run.


      Why don't my ISR's run? Am I missing a global interrupt enable somewhere?

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          The problem turned out to be due to a mistake I made in installing the CYBT_423028_EVAL platform files that I downloaded from the Cypress KBA223637. I did it all correctly on the first system I was working on but when I moved to a new computer I missed replacing ...\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common\spar_setup.c. Once I got the correct spar_setup.c file and did a clean build of my project, it all worked.


          I did make the following changes to eliminate two build warnings:


          In ...\20719-B1_Bluetooth\platforms\CYBT_423028_EVAL\wiced_platform.h,  I added the following line at the end of the file:

              void wiced_platform_init(void);


          In ...\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common\spar_setup.c, I added the following line at the end of the #includes list near the top of the file:

              #include "wiced_platform.h"


          In ...\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common\spar_setup.c, I added the following line just before "#define micro_bcsIsNormalModeTransition()...:

              extern BOOL32 boot_isWarmboot(void);

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            Thanks for sharing the resolution with the community JoOr_4004241