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    Without ground unused data lane, no frame detected on our HW build,



        We have using the E-Consystem RDK and one converter board to connect our proprietary depth sensor and everything works well.

      But if we try same firmware on our HW build, we cannot detect any frame, there is no error message on debug port. Only PCLK can be measured on PCLK_Test point.

      Check the HW FAQ list that unused data lanes of CX3 must be connected to ground. But we have checked our HW build and RDK/converter board build, the unused data lane (D1/D2/D3) are all floating. Could someone give a suggestion what I can check for the no frame detect issue?




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          We suggest you connect unsed data lanes to Ground to avoid noise on these pins.

          Regarding to your question. Please

          1. Check if the all the necessary power domains are fine.

          2. Check if the sensor is well initialized and I2C interface is ready to recive data.

          3. Check if the sensor is configured correctly via I2C interface. Probe the I2C lines with logical analyzer or read register values back after writting.

          4. Probe the CSI clocks lane and D0 lanes on sensor side to see whether if outputs correct signals.

          5. Check if CX3 outputs H_sync/V_sync correctly.

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