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    Modustoolbox build time



      I'm new to PSoC6 and Modustoolbox.


      I had build Kit CapSense example using modustoolbox.

      the build time had takes 30 seconds. I thought it is too much time spended.

      Is that normal?


      My laptop is old system. (i5-2540M 2.6Ghz, 8G RAM, Windows7)

      if I buy new laptop is it possible to build time faster? or my build setting have some problem?


      Do you recommend system for build PSoC6?

      What is important to shrink build time?



      Sunghun Noh

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          Hello Sunghun Noh,


          ModusToolbox uses makefile to build your project. The first build might take some time, but subsequent builds will be faster and it only builds files that have changed which is tracked by the makefile. ModusToolbox also provides the option of parallel builds which allows the makefile to spawn a set of parallel builds instead of compiling one file after the other. You can find this option by right clicking on the project and choosing properties.



          By default "Enable parallel build" option should be set. And based on the number of cores in your system, the parallel jobs number can be set. If not enabled, please enable it.


          You can find the System Requirements here: https://www.cypress.com/file/455216/download


          Your laptop configuration meets the requirement, but you could upgrade the RAM and have better performance.




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