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    pdl3.1 on 062 kit


      i have a customer with an issue using our dual core blinky example app CE216795


      they are trying to run it on 2 062-BLE kits


      on one Rev 11 sticker on the bottom

      with PDL3.0.4 it works fine

      if they update it PDL3.1 it never executes the code. it builds and programs fine but won't execute


      on the kit with a Rev13 sticker with the same process it works fine with both PDL versions.


      on the Rev11 kit the marking is CY8C6347BZI-BLD53ES with date code 1731

      on the Rev13 kit the marking is CY8C6347BZI-BLD53ES3 with date code 1749


      is there a known reason why with the Rev 11 kit the PDL3.1 has issues?





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          Yes this a known issue with older revisions of the board due to an old flash boot version that isn't compatible with PDL3.1. You will need the latest Rev13 board for PDL3.1. Cypress will be contacting you over email to get you a replacement board.




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