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    HTTPS Server ceases to funciton during "tap" test


      I am checking the robustness of the HTTPS server and client functions on the CYW943907AEVAL1F eval board.  I have written an HTTPS client in Java, and it periodically retrieves a page from the HTTPS server on the eval board (approx. every 2 seconds, or so).  (Not exactly a "hammer" test, but more of a "tap" test.)


      When I concurrently access the WICED server via a browser (Firefox), then eventually I can get the server to fail.  And it is gone for good until I bring down the server and start a new one. 


      Has anyone performed robustness testing in this manner?  If so, what are your experiences? Thanks!

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          Here is the update:  When starting the web server, the WICED default for MAX_SOCKETS is 10:


          wiced_https_server_start(&sta_web_server, SERVER_HTTPS_PORT, MAX_SOCKETS, appliance_web_pages, &tls_identity, WICED_STA_INTERFACE, DEFAULT_URL_PROCESSOR_STACK_SIZE);


          When I decrease MAX_SOCKETS to 5, then the server does not go into la la land.


          Hopefully this helps someone out there.