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    CCG3 of EZ-PD CCGx Host SDK version3.3.0




      EZ-PD CCGx Host SDK version 3.3.0 release notes have the following description.

      - CCGx_Host_SDK_ReleaseNotes.pdf (Version 3.3.0, December 22, 2018)

         "Note: Support for CCG3 devices is in maintenance mode, and the corresponding firmware projects have been replicated from past SDK versions without any new feature additions."

      - CYPD3125-40LQXI_notebook_release_notes.pdf (Version 3.2.1 Build 1658, December 22, 2018)

         "1. Since the USB-PD specification and corresponding compliance test specification have changed since the CCGx Host SDK 3.2.1 release, this version of the CCG3 firmware binary fails some of the USB-PD compliance test cases in the Ellisys and MQP test suites."



      Q1. Will the limit described in "CYPD 3125-40 LQXI_notebook_release_notes.pdf" be improved with the next SDK version up?

      Q2. If Q1 is Yes, please tell us the schedule for that version up.


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