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    BULK OUT transfer failed with Error Code:997 while transfering file above 4MB


      I'm trying to write to NOR flash via SPI interface through the control center utility. I am using bulk out endpoint to transfer data to nor flash .After complete data is transfered to NOR flash , FPGA is configured by transferring data from NOR flash to FPGA .SDK using is  EZ-USB FX3 SDK 1.3.4 .

      NOR Flash used : Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory, MT25QU01GBBB.


      Bulk out transfer is not consistent on transferring data above 4 MB. I am getting BULK OUT transfer failed with Error Code:997.


      Can you help me with this?


      I am attaching the source code.


      Details of code :


      1.NOR flash is erased upon receiving USB vendor commands.

      2.After erase is completed , file is transferred to NOR flash via bulk out endpoint..

      3. On Transfer complete , FPGA is configured.

      dmaCfg.size = 43008;

      dmaCfg.count = 4;