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    GPIF Timer



      Question to the State Machine from the GPIF II Designer.

      is there a possibility to switch a state after a spezified time?. Something like, if you in State1 longer then 5 Seconds, goto state 2


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      Matthias Macho

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          Hello Matthias Macho,


          You can use the LD_DATA_COUNT and 'Repeat' action of the GPIF II designer to implement this.

          - The 'Repeat action until next transaction' check box in the state properties can be used to repeat the actions in the particular state for 'Repeat Count' clock cycles.

          - The DATA_CNT_HIT parameter will indicate that the counter value is hit.

          - LD_DATA_COUNT loads the data counter with the value corresponding to the delay required in the state.


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          Srinath S