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    Export Project to Visual Studio


      We have two people developing PSoc 5 projects on two networked computers.

      David writes the sofware, and has all the project files on his computer.

      I design the 'hardware' on my computer using PSoC Creator 4.2

      Whenever I make changes to the hardware (adding components etc) I need to export the project. Running the IDE Export Wizard I am given the options of exporting to 'Eclipse', 'IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM', 'uVision 4', 'Generated CMSIS Pack' or 'Makefile'

      Although David has the Eclipse software installed on his computer he would very much prefer to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 which is not in the list of options.

      Would it be possible to use Visual Studio by choosing one of the other options; is export to Visual Studio available as an add-on; or is it in the 'to-do' list of future releases of PSoc Creator?