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    PSoC Creator 4.2 does not start anymore




      i have a problem with PSoC Creator, it does not start anymore. It stucks at loading. The message shows "Initializing... CyDesigner.Common.Transport.PPDeviceIO.CyPPDeviceIOPlugin". I have already uninstalled and then reinstalled. Nothing changed.

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          Please try these options to debug installation issues -

          • Run the Installation file as an administrator (right-click the file and select Run as administrator).
          • Check System Configuration
          • Refer to the Release Note to verify that your system configuration meets the PSoC Creator installation requirements. You can find the Release note from PSoC Creator Landing Page, Documentation tab [Check Installation >Operating System section] or PSoC Creator Release Notes Archive.
            1. Reinstall PSoC Creator with the help of Registry Repair Application
              Try reinstalling the PSoC Creator/Programmer after cleaning up registry entries by using this tool. CyInstaller installs several MSI files; each MSI file has its own unique registry entry. Before installing the MSI package, Windows checks whether a registry entry related to the MSI being installed is already available. If available, the installer skips the related step. Therefore, any incorrect registry entry can lead to installation issues.
            2. Check whether your Anti-virus is causing this issue
              Some antivirus software remove certain EXE files from PSoC Creator installation due to false detection. Do the following in such cases:
              1. Disable the Antivirus in your system.
              2. Reinstall PSoC Creator.
              3. Enable the antivirus software again after PSoC Creator installation is completed.


          Also, did you get any error message while uninstalling PSoC Creator 4.2?