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    ModusToolbox 101: Lesson 2-3 PWM Issue



      This discussion references https://www.cypress.com/video-library/PSoC/modustoolbox-101-lesson-2-3-pwm/610036  the ModusToolbox 101 lesson: 2-3.

      Running ModusToolbox 1.0 on windows 10. Using CY8CPROTO-062-4343W



           Impeded progress through the tutorial.


           In ModusToolbox the three Cy function calls that are shown in Alan's video at 4:17 (Cy_TCPWM_etc…) do not auto-populate in main.c like they do in the video. If I type in the three lines as they are shown, I get an error when the project builds. I have attempted to complete this tutorial by starting with a fresh BlinkyLED (which is tested and running properly on the board) and then follow along with the video to execute blinking from the hardware, but always am blocked after setting up the TCPWM via the Device Configurator as shown. Alan mentions that once the settings are set, and I click File -> Save, there should be some "magic" in the background, but sadly I am not getting the same magic. There is mention of the PDL around 4:25, although I am uncertain if that means I should have configured something prior to starting the tutorial. I am hoping to learn ModusToolbox, PSoC, and embedded systems design concurrently and have chosen this platform for my project. The learning curve appears steep, I could use some guidance. I am currently pouring through the available documentation, but was hoping to get more rapidly familiar by doing these tutorials alongside the instructor. The technology is very exciting, and I'd like to rapidly get up to speed in order to integrate it into our products.

      Thank you,

      Travis C.