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    Differences between programming kits




      I have been using a CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit to learn to program in PSoC 4 in my college. And i currently consider about get a kit for personal use (i use the 042 only in school) and for making academic projects. I searched in my local store the Pioneer Kit and i founded three more kits: CY8CKIT-049, CY8CKIT-043 and CY8CKIT-044.


      I see that the 049 and 043 have stick form, ideal for attaching in a breadboard and connect the rest of my circuit. In the other way the 044 looks like a enhanced version of the 042 kit. I want to choose between the 049 and 043, primarily, for the breadboard capability, but i don't know about the resources available in the PSoC Creator software (like the LED, ADCs, DACs, OpAmps) i can use.


      Could you tell me about the mayor differences between those kits?

      They all use the Arm Cortex M0 CPU?

      What kit do you recommend?

      The principal use for the kit is to deal with UART, SPI, I2C communications and controller for power electronics.


      Thanks in advice.