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    miniProg3 initialy works but after couple of hours connected is not recognized by the win7 (64bit) computer.


      Dear friends,

      I using a miniprog3 programmer attached on a 64-bit win7 laptop (and or) desktop. After working with a clean installation of the latest PSoC creator 4.2, I noticed the characteristic usb plug/unplug windows sounds... I wasn't plugging nor unplugging the programmer- just typing code... After a couple of hours I got the popup window that says that my USB device is not recognized by the windows... Meanwhile the green led on the programmer went off... The same thing happened last day on my desktop and I assumed that my USB port on the desktop was the problem. Today it happened again on the laptop.

      I tried rebooting (many times), manually uninstalling and installing the driver pointing to the c:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\drivers\mprog3\mprog3.inf file , but without success...

      by the way the programmer was attached on a PSoCkit-001C but I'm sure is not hardware problem...

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance