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    FX3S Firmware Functionality


      Hi we need to impliment the "lock" function on an SD kaart partition.with the Card’s "Internal Write Protection" mechanism.

      I am not sure if it's been handeled inside the Cy driver or firmware of the FX3S


      Is there anybody that implimented this ?

      Help would very much be appreciated.

      According to the SD card associasion manual :


      The entire card may be permanently write

      protected by the manufacturer or content provider by setting the permanent or temporary write protect

      bits in the CSD. For cards which support write protection of groups of sectors by setting the

      WP_GRP_ENABLE bit in the CSD, portions of the data may be protected (in units of

      WP_GRP_SIZE sectors as specified in the CSD), and the write protection may be changed by the

      application. The SET_WRITE_PROT command sets the write protection of the addressed write protect group,

      and the CLR_WRITE_PROT command clears the write protection of the addressed

      write-protect group. "


      I assume the firmware needs to handle the low level interface while the driver needs to inrefcae between the firmware and User interface and/or file write/read handler.

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          Hi Dirk,



          To perform write protect feature on the SD Card, we have dedicated GPIO pin which will read the microswitch on the SD card. Based on the switch state it will write the data.

          If your card supports write protect feature via CMD. You can send that command via API to enable or disable Write protect feature.


          Thanks & Regards