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    Flash Test Fixtures - CYFL compatible with 1.8V parts?


      Does the CYFL135-001 FSK-PUP Flash Programming Tool support 1.8V parts?


      There does appear to be a field for 1.8V in the FSK-PUP Flash Programming Tool Quickstart.pdf @ https://www.cypress.com/file/195431/download


      I'm looking to test 1.8V S25FS flash. The closest kit I found is the CYFL177-001 PISM01 Development Module – S25FL on FAB24 Package, which sits on a CYFL135-001 Programming Tool. The S25FL is a 3V part. It is not clear if the CYFL177-00x modules are simply breakout boards with no functional components and if the "Adjustable Power Supply" noted in the block diagram for the CYFL135-001 will go down to 1.8V or if the FPGA on the CYFL135-001 will support a 1.8V interface.


      Is there technical documentation available for CYFL135-001 and the CYFL177-00x Flash Development Modules?


      I found the ordered pages for both CYFL135-001 and CYFL177-001. Neither has much for detailed technical documentation.

      CYFL135-001 @ https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cyfl135-001-fsk-pup-flash-programming-tool 

      CYFL177-001 @  https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cyfl177-001-pismo1-development-module-s25fl-fab24-package


      Other kits for reference: https://www.cypress.com/new-development-kits