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    Combining demonstration software


      I've been asked to combine the two projects "BLE temperature measurement" and "PSoC_4_BLE_CapSense_Slider_LED" for a demonstrator.

      I’m looking to have 3 features:

      • 1.  Temperature sensing/ simulation 2.  Battery level
        notification  ( which is included in the temperature measurement/
        simulation project)
      • 3.  RGB control


      My understanding is that the Bluetooth structure includes identification of the device, the identification of the device allows the mobile app to process the data appropriately and so to combine the two functions, either a new app and a new combined program would need to be created or a program that changes the "ID" of the micro so as to appear to the app to be a different device and fool it into working with the program.


      My initial response was that it would seem simpler to have two chips and use the unchanged original software but please advise if there is a simple solution I've missed