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    wl tool for arm




      Where can I find wl tool for arm (TI am3358), please? I found a lot of documents describing how to use it, but can't find the tool.


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          Okay, I'm answering my own question:




          This link has been taken from the Yocto recipe found in am335x-morty-battra_r1.0:

          Releases · jameelkareem/meta-murata-wireless · GitHub


          The wl script requires libnl-3.so.200, I've downloaded dpkg file from Raspbian and then installed it on am335x.


          wget http://raspbian.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/pool/main/libn/libnl3/libnl-nf-3-200_3.2.27-2_armhf.deb

          dpkg -i libnl-nf-3-200_3.2.27-2_armhf.deb


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            This only sort-of answers the question, to be honest (so it's not really the correct answer, folks...).  What's odd (and VERY annoying) is that MuRata specifically states they only support iMX series devices and very specific versions of Yocto (They told it to me in response to a request to a client's request for things...and you're quite on your own if you're not using their supported versions of "Linux" or their SoC's...which is bogus...) which is...not quite what Cypress or themselves actually claim there...   (To Cypress: hint...hint...)


            Your answer is a hint to the proper and full one, so...that everyone can get the right details and be able to do this one for themselves in the way you're supposed to for Homologation purposes...



            In order to get your Yocto build to produce desired libs, rather than hand-copying things over, you will need to add libnl and libnl-nf to your IMAGE_INSTALL package list.  From there, you should be able to package the tool from the repository for inclusion for an FCC image load (which is what you OUGHT to be doing...) and then package it similarly or hand copy over the wl command from the respective repo into the target image.

            The 32-bit one is the one you list.  You will want the 64-bit one instead if you're on an aarch64 configuration:





            So far, this appears to work right with as recent as Sumo (Yocto 2.5) and the latest firmware in the Linux kernel firmware repository for varying values of "works right"  Much of the subcommands for wl seem to work right, but there's gaps.  I'm presuming I'm going to have to ask specifically for a version close to the one in question with the features turned on.