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    RXEMPTY# and RXFULL# asserted in the same time on CY7C9689A transceiver




      I develop an FPGA for a client which uses an CY7C9689A transceiver with

      - FIFO activated,

      - 4B/5B encoder/decoder enabled,

      - 8-bit data (ans so 4-bit cmd).


      The board drives by a ROBOCLOCK the following clocks :

      - TXCLK at 25 MHz,

      - RXCLK at 25 MHz,

      - REFCLK at 12,5 MHz.


      I have a stange behaviour in RX with long frame (about 1Mo).

      Sometimes, there is a few data bytes loss.


      In this labo test, the transmitter is an old taxi chip AM7968.

      I drive RXEN# at '0' all the time excepted when I can not grab more data (it isn't the case here).

      After investigation, we see the following behaviour :

      sometimes we have in the same time RXEMPTY# and RXFULL# assertion without RXHALF# assertion, cf. snapshot pb_rxfull_CY7C9689A.png extracted from a Chipscope trace In this extract (clock chipscope = RXCLK), the data is here at 0x00 but same thing with other patterns.

      The START command is 0x1.


      As we have RXEMPTY# asserted, the FPGA grabs no data at this time.


      My client asks to me to desactivate RXEN# when I see RXEMPTY# asserted, cf. snapshot rx_with_patch.png and then no issue, no loss we don't see then RXEMPTY# and RXFULL# asserted in the same time.


      I don't understand why ?


      Can you explain to me this behavior ?


      Are there some constraints about phase between REFCLK and RXCLK ?