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    CY7C65642 Getting Very Hot and Failed upon device Hot Plug


      Hi Cypress DevCommunity!


      I am currently running into the following situation... Hoping that I can get some help on pinpointing the root cause.


      When a device is hot plugged to the downstream port of the CY7C65642 Hub, the hub loses connection to the device and becomes very hot and dysfunctional.

      The hub is using its internal VREG to supply +3.3V to VCC_D and VCC_A pins.


      (After the hub gets hot and stops working) This scope plot is captured to show the +5V input to the Hub, the +3V3 from the Internal Reg, the PWR# and OVR# of the downstream port the device was plugged in to:



      I am also attaching the circuit schematics hoping someone may verify whether the design is correct or not.


      Any input or comment is much appreciated!


      Thank you,



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