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    I would like to be able to compile a "driver" for some external hardware and load it into flash after the normal firmware is programmed.  Sort of a partial bootload.


      Basically, I have a sensor system that has various I2C sensors that can be plugged into it.  I won't know at main firmware development time which I2C sensors will be plugged in, so I can't provide the code to read them at firmware development time.  I would like to generate the "driver" code for the I2C sensor after the fact and load it into flash via my normal communications channel at a later time (be able to load different "driver") code at different times.  The driver routine will be passed pointers to the needed functions and variables in the main firmware, so no fixup needed for that.  I assume that locating this driver code in a standard address in flash will allow the main code to call it.  How would one go about compiling/linking/locating this driver code so that it can be coppied directly into flash at a later time?