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    CY8CMBR3108 I2C lines Failure.




      In one of my application where I need capacitive touch to provide input to the device(where i need 3 capsense buttons), i'm using cy8cmbr3008.


      When the device is in normal working condition if there is any multiple touches(abnormal touches) on the capsense buttons, the SLC and SDA lines of the I2C is getting pulled down permanently until we restart the device. Once after restart, the device is working normally.


      note:      I2C is configured to work for 400KHZ.

                    I2C is shared between EEPROM, RTC and Capsense controller.

                    SLC and SDA lines are pulled up to 3.6V by 10k resistors.


      Is any one have ever encountered with such issue., what could be the possible solution.?


      Thank you,


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          Didn't meet this kind of issue before.

          Could you try using Bridge Control Panel to debug it? when multiple touches issued, what is the phenomenon of I2C if using BCP.

          Why 'multiple touches' is abnormal touches? As my understanding, touches on capsense button won't have influence on I2C communications....