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    Interactive C-function's & C-API's via Terminal with mecrisp-stellaris


      Hello @ll,


      If you want to configurate, debug and test your implementation interactive, you can do this with mecrisp-stellaris, an FORTH implementation for several Cypress PSOCs.



      To initiate a PWM there are several API's to do this. One API write the compare value:

      To using this API you can call the API in a C-function. To modifies it on the fly you can use the configure menu from PSOC-Creator and translate and flash the whole application.


      Alternative you can do following, if you have install mecrisp-stellaris:


      100 PWM_1_WriteCompare1()  <enter>      \ 100 is put on the data stack and the API 'PWM_1_WriteCompare1()' will be calling. /!\ translating and flashing are not necessary


      You can also define a word like this:


      : MaxDuty1




      or that

      : MinDuty1




      ... MaxDuty wait MinDuty ....      \ for more examples download one of following mecrisp-stellaris implementations:


      As already published here, the FORTH development environment 'mecrisp-stellaris' is available for download for the following 7 Cypress PSoC's:


      Board:          /          PSoC:

      CY8CKIT-043     -> cy8c4247azi

      CY8CKIT-044     -> cy8c4247azi

      CY8CKIT-046     -> cy8c4248bzi

      CY8CKIT-049     -> cy8c4245axi

      CY8CKIT-050     -> cy8c5868axi

      CY8CKIT-059     -> cy8c5888lti

      FreeSoC2           -> cy8c5888axi


      See: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mecrisp/files/Cypress/


      If you would like to know more about FORTH, you will find the classic Starting-FORTH and Thinking-FORTH by Leo Brodie:




      The Definition of ANS FORTH you can find here: http://lars.nocrew.org/dpans/dpans.htm


      If you want to know more about Mecrisp-Stellaris you are right here:



      When PSoC evaboard is not listed and you interest on a Forth for your board, please contact me via the e-mail address provided in README of one of the downloads to clarify the possibility of porting