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    Using CYSMART BLE 4.2 us dongle as uart-ble bridge


      I have a CY5677 CYSMART BLE 4.2 USB Dongle and a CYBLE-214009-00 evaluation board.


      I am trying to use the USB dongle as a uart-ble bridge to communicate with the CYBLE-214009 through a serial terminal. When I type a character in the serial terminal, the usb dongle should transmit that character to the cyble-214009 and the cyble-214009 should in turn send continuous sensor data for about two minutes.


      Would it be possible to use the 'UART to BLE bridge peripheral' project to program the usb dongle, and edit the 'UART to BLE bridge central' project to program the CYBLE-214009 to send sensor data over BLE through UART? What changes would I need to make?