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    if we activated suspend mode and programmed in CY22393 what will exactly happens?


      I am using cyberclockRT software for programming CY22393. normally S2 and SUSPEND Mode are assigned to the same pin if I activated SUSPEND mode in cyberclockRT software which will deactivate PLL1 completely but if I didn't activate then how can S2 pin helpful for a different frequency setting. and I want to know How to know by which register we can activate/deactivate the SUSPEND mode because I am using Arduino for I2C programming and I want to deactivate the SUSPEND mode so that I can use S2 pin for two different PLL1 settings.

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          Hi Pavan,


          You have the S0, S1 and S2 lines for selecting the values for P, Q dividers for PLL1 which can generate upto 8 different frequency profiles from 000 to 111 values for the select lines respectively.

          S2 is a general purpose input that is programmed to allow for two different frequency settings. Options that switches with this general purpose input are as follows: the frequency of PLL1, the output divider of CLKB, and the output divider of CLKA.

          The two frequency settings are contained within an eight-row frequency table. The values of SCLK (S1) and SDAT (S0) pins are latched during start up and used as the other two indexes into this array. CLKA and CLKB have seven-bit dividers that point to one of the two programmable settings (register 0 and register 1). Both clocks share a single register control and both must be set to register 0, or both must be set to register 1.


          While using the Cyberclocks software you can go to advanced mode tab. There you can see a bit viewer tab where you fill find all the register details you will require.