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    CY8CKIT-059 remove KitProg


      I am using several CY8CKIT-059 's in my project. On one (my Master) I use the UART on the KitProg end. On the other 8 (Slaves), I do not need the UART. I removed the KitProg from the target boards and installed  5 pin m/f headers so I can program them. That works. But I cannot use the UART. Should I be able to use it if I reconnect the KitProg with the 5 pins inthe header?


      On the slaves I had used the UART for debugging but I do not need it. When I removed the KitProg, I found they would not operate correctly until I removed references to the UART from my code. Is that normal?


      I noticed that when I snapped the KitProg from the board, there appeared to several PCB traces in addition to the obvious 5 pins. I cannot find an accurate schematic of the boards.  Are ther more than the five connections between the target an dprogrammer?

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          Please note that Kitprog acts as a USB-UART bridge to the target device as shown below:



          So, on the slaves if you snap off the Kitprog and want UART for debugging purposes, then follow these steps:


          #1: You can program the target using the 5 pin M/F headers

          #2: You must unpopulate R22, R23 to isolate UART_TX and UART_RX lines of the Kitprog from the target

          #3: Connect the FTDI (USB to Serial converter) on these pins to observe the serial output


          Using the Kitprog on the slaves for UART seems like a better option. So, you could consider connecting it back.


          The signals coming in to the target from the Kitprog are shown below:



          The link to the schematic can be found here: https://www.cypress.com/file/443786/download




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            Thank you. This is an enormous help. It will take me a while to process it all but I think it is what I need to know.

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              One more question if I may.

              On your advice, I had another look at the USB (micro) on the target end. I adapted the Code Example and made that work. Is it possible for the USBFS_UART to generate an interrupt on one or more characters received?

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                There are ISRs for each endpoints inside the file USBUART_episr.c. You can add your code in the OUT EP. When host is sending data to device OUT EP ISR will be triggered. Please consider creating a new thread if you have more queries regarding this.