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    CYUSB3014 can boot from I2C but cannot boot from USB mode


      The PMODE[2:0] pin is Z11(USB boot):failure and no response on PC.

      The PMODE[2:0] pin is Z1Z(I2C boot):can be identified and working properly.(Of course,  I solder an external EEPROM and switch to I2C boot.)

      Why the PMODE pins are incorrect in USB boot but correct in I2C boot? These pins are pulled up by a 10K resistor, including RESET. This pin of INT_N_CTL15 does not care about it (I found that CYUSB3KIT-003 does the same). I tested the floating pin voltage to be around 0.2V. What caused this problem?  How can I make the chip recognize PMODE?


      I compared the evaluation kit (CYUSB3KIT-003). On the kit, the INT_N_CTL15 (L8 of 3014) pin is high when booting from I2C, and low when starting from USB mode. But the development board I designed, whether it is USB or I2C, this pin is high level. Will the USB mode boot failure be related to this?


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