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    PSOC6 Variants - WICED Studio vs Modus Toolbox




      I've got a question about the different variants of the PSOC6 dev kits. It seems like they all support various IDEs and I'm not clear how to leverage a shared codebase for them. Specifically, these 3:






      I would like to leverage the same IDE and Codebase to write code for all 3 devices. The two WiFi-BT combo devices must support the WiFi feature. It seems that the CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT board only supports WIFI within WICED Studio (not in Modus), and from what I've read the CY8CPROTO-062-4343W is not supported in WICED Studio and doesn't have WIFI in Modus.


      I think my specific questions are:

      1.) How can I use WIFI with the CY8CPROTO-062-4343W?

      2.) Is it possible to use the same IDE and share some code with these 3 devices?

      3.) Is it possible to use CY8CPROTO-062-4343W or CY8CKIT-062-BLE in WICED Studio? If so, where can I find platform definitions for these?