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    DC current measurement with PSOC 4700


      I've been told by a Cypress application engineer that the PSOC 4700 can be used to measure the DC current flowing through a wire.  I have read all available information about inductive sensing with the PSOC 4700 but nowhere does it explain how to do current sensing.  Can someone explain to me how I can use the psoc4700 to measure a current through a wire and/or send me an application note explaining how to do it?  Thank you.

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          We kindly mention that Cypress doesn't have any reference design or application note for this application. Cypress has yet to look at this feature at application level.


          For now we recommend you to use the development kit CY8CKIT-148 and keep the current carrying conductor near the proximity inductor sensor and you should be able to see the change in raw counts.