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    How to store data over reset



      I work with the CY8KIT-062-BLE and want to store data that will not be lost when the device resets or gets powerred off. I tried using CY_BLE_StoreAppData() as well as the Cy_Flash_WriteRow() and Cy_Flash_StartWrite(). My problem is, that none of these seemto work in my case. Both Flash commands only work when I'm debugging the project, but do seemingly do nothing when the program runs by itself. Seems to me there is a timing issue, or a watchdog that interferes with them. I can't get the CY_BLE_StoreAppData() to work at all. Do you maybe have an example for that? I only found one for the PSoC 4, but the function now works different. I also can't find the snippet mentioned in th cy_ble_gap.c.


      Thanks in advance for your help!