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    WICED Studio crashes frequently on MacOS High Sierra / Fixed in




      WICED Studio crashes frequently on MacOS High Sierra. After it crashes it always shows the following at the end of the crash report:


      21  com.apple.CoreGraphics        0x00007fff2d69fd63 CGContextDelegateDrawWindowContents + 106

      22  com.apple.SkyLight            0x00007fff4f0f14f8 SLContextCopyWindowContentsToRect + 178

      23  com.apple.AppKit              0x00007fff2ab0f987 _NSRenderImageFromWindow + 1454

      24  com.apple.AppKit              0x00007fff2ab0f3b9 _NXScroll + 451

      25  com.apple.AppKit              0x00007fff2b0bd7ba NSCopyBitsFromGraphicsContext + 312

      26  com.apple.AppKit              0x00007fff2b0bd67c NSCopyBits + 58

      27  libswt-pi-cocoa-4430.jnilib    0x000000010e9d8f84 Java_org_eclipse_swt_internal_cocoa_OS_NSCopyBits + 187


      This seems to be an Eclipse problem that other Eclipse users have reported, e.g. in comment 2 in this eclipse bug report:  502711 – [Cocoa][10.12] crashes on „macOS Sierra“ related to NSCopyBits


      Question:  Is there a newer version of WICED Studio that fixes this problem?


      Question:  Is there a patch for WICED Studio that fixes this problem?


      My targets are 4343W WiFi+BT so Modus toolbox does not appear to be an option?