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    FX3 SDK version 1.3.4 won't put breakpoints while running


      This is similar to the issue reported here: break does not work after upgrading to FX3 SDK 1.3.4


      The issue is that after upgrading the sdk and the version of eclipse packaged with it, we are no longer able to insert a breakpoint while the code is running, only before starting it or when it is already suspended from hitting another breakpoint or stepping through code.  Additionally, we can't suspend the code as it is running.  Hitting the suspend button just greys out the button and no commands appear to be sent to the debugger or anything.


      Following the guidance in the reference discussion, I built and ran the USBBulkSourceSink example code and I encounter the same problem.  Is there any way to resolve this? If not, is there a place I can download the previous version of the SDK with all the components and not just the SDK files that are available at https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/ez-usb-fx3-sdk-archives .  I am hoping at the least to be able to return to 1.3.3 so that the debugging works properly.


      This issue is affected multiple people on my team and not just myself.


      Thanks for the help,