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    CCG3PA 3171 UFP application issues


      We are using a CCG3PA as a UFP port in a USB HUB as a Source only (output only port)


      Our specific application requires Monitoring plug event and CC Polarity detection for external MUX trigger


      Six months ago Cypress replied to us claiming that a simple get_polarity will function for what we are after.....  and yes it does but only for PD devices with C to C cable, legacy devices With A to C cable that have a fixed resistor pull up on CC1 to Vbus do not work at all.


      Basically there is no Cable Orientation Detection when a Certified USB 3.1 Gen 2  A to C cable is connecting our C port Hub to a legacy A host computer


      Not sure how to fix if we have to run the CC line through the ADC and get output that way since CCG3 CYPD3171 seems to apply power to both CC lines , or can it be fixed with Config Utility by something we missed








      //        LD5_Write(1);






      //        LD5_Write(0);




      this is standard Cable orientation code placed in our main.c file (it works on C to C cable connections with PD)


      We have tried Rp-Rd toggle and that did not fix it




      Any and All Help Required and Greatly Appreciated3171ll.png

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          Should we run the CC line status through the ADC code inside the CCG and get output that way for Legacy connections that present Rp 56K

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            image (24).png


            PD Core is not engaged during this type of connection so our Polarity code inside Main.c is sort of useless , how else can we get indication of cable orientation

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              Hi Rad,


              1. As per my comments in the additional threads you have filled, I guess this threads is one of question from same project. I have take a look the waveform you have attached in the threads, it seems the CC is still toggling with a small volt on the CC line. Based on your design,

              a. Could you please kindly measure the CC voltage on the CC1 or CC2?

              >> If the cable you have been attached is Type-C plug to Type-A plug, and CCG3PA is power sink role, please assure that the CC have Rp present on CC line and VBUS shall be enabled by Type-A host side. (From the wavefrom, the Power source is not enable VBUS with 5V.)


              b. Could you please kindly check whether the VBUS is enabled (Refer above comments)? (As per Type-C SPEC V1.3 Table 4-25 VBUS and VCONN Timing Parameters, tVBUSon, the max time is 275ms. )


              Best Regards,