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    CE224856 issue with enable DebugPrintf


      when I try to enable debug_uart when experimenting CE224856_BLE_Low_Power_Beacon_with_Hibernate_RTOS,  it does not work, I have added UART TopDesign.cysch, and uart_debug.h uart_debug.c to project.


      here is what's added into main()


              /* Initialize the hardware used to send debug messages, if debug is enabled

             in uart_debug.h header file */



          /* \x1b[2J\x1b[;H - ANSI ESC sequence to clear screen */


          DebugPrintf("PSoC 6 MCU: Beacon Hibernate (RTOS)\r\n");



      but did not see anything printed on terminal. can anyone help take a look at the code?