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    Programming PSOC 6 Cy8C6247BZI-D54 with MiniProg3




      Is it possible to program the PSOC 6 Cy8C6247BZI-D54 (model from Cy8Ckit-062-Wifi-BT) over JTAG using the MiniProg3? While attempting to program a custom PCB, we found that the device never responded in PSOC programmer while using the MiniProg3, either over JTAG or SWD. However, the device was able to be programmed using the SWD interface on the development board, by removing R190, R191 and R192 populating J8, and wiring to J12, the Debug & Trace header.  This led us to conclude that perhaps this mcu is not compatible with the MiniProg3. Is there any validity to that hypothesis, and if so, is there an alternative programmer we can purchase?