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    maximum streaming rate using Delta Sigma ADC


      Dear community,


      For my internship, I am interested in the maximum streaming rate when using a Delta Sigma ADC to read an input and output it using a VDAC. The actual signal that will be used for the control algorithm will also have to be filtered, which might introduce more delay than I am already experiencing. Moreover, the signal will be around 80 kHz.


      During testing, I saw that a sinusoidal signal of 50 kHz already has quite some phase delay with respect to the original signal, when it is outputted to using a VDAC. Is this just the limit of the PSOC5 I am using? Or am I missing some things that might give me better performance? For reference on what I did, see the figures below (yellow is signal generator, blue is VDAC). Also, the project has been attached.





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