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    Bluetool Vendor Specific command - GPIO Write parameters


      Dear Sirs and Madams!


      I have PCB with BCM20730/CYW20730 with LED diode connected to it via P4:

      2019-02-17 12_15_58-PCB_X105BT_1-C_Schematic.PDF - Foxit Reader.png


      Now, I am trying to control this LED from BlueTool using HCI Control -> 0: Vendor Specific Commands -> GPIO_Config_and_Write:

      2019-02-17 12_18_06-Broadcom BlueTool.png


      1. From BCM20730/CYW20730 datasheet I can see it has more GPIO ports than 8 (addressable from BlueTool). Why are only 8 addressable from BlueTool?
      2. As we can see from schematic, If I set P4 (BlueTool GPIO_Pin_Number set to 4), to HIGH, why LED does not turn on? The hardware has been verified, from custom firmware I can control the LED, what I cannot it control from BlueTool?
      3. What does checkable parameter Auxiliary_GPIO_Control means?
      4. What are Pad_Config parameters Sel0, Sel1 and Hysteresis mean?
      5. Finally, can someone provide me full BlueTool manual with commands (and their parameter(s)) descriptions?


      The communication channel has been setup properly, becuase I can successfully, for instance, reset the BCM20730 on PCB:

      2019-02-17 12_27_32-Broadcom BlueTool.png