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    Capsense as a capacitance to digital converter


      I was wondering if I could use capsense as a high resolution capacitance to digital converter.


      The range of the measurements would be below 45 pF, but I would need a measurement resolution of approximately 1fF.


      Is it possible to achieve such a resolution with capsense? If not, what kind of resolution/range can I achieve?

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          If you use the component function: Enable self-test library.

          You can get the capacitance in the pin :


          *  Component configuration does not influence measurement. It is done with the following

          *  parameter settings:

          *  - Modulator clock frequency - as high as possible

          *  - Sense clock source - Direct

          *  - IDAC sensing configuration - IDAC sourcing

          *  - Compensation IDAC - Disabled

          *  - Resolution - 10 bits


          And, you only can get the resolution of approximately 1pf, not 1fF.

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