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    CYBLE-224110-00 module in PCB, poor RF BLE connection (unacceptable)



      Can anyone explain why  if we place a PSoC 4 BLE (CYBLE-224110-00), without respecting dimensions of the host PCB-keep out area, can lead us to an unacceptable BLE connection distance (RF-BLE connected at maximum 5cm RF from Tx)?

      Based on Cypress datasheet "002-11264_CYBLE-224110-00_EZ-BLE_TM_CREATOR_XT_XR_MODULE.pdf" we have



      Based on our board design we placed the antenna part of PSoC at the edge of host- PCB


      What is the purpose of host PCB-keep out area concerning BLE RF propagation?

      Keep in mind that we have an efficient VDD and VDDA in PSoC and also TX Power ,TXP, 0dBm!

      Can this issue (the violation of respecting dimensions of the host PCB-keep out area for best RF perfomance) justify this unacceptable BLE RF connection or could be something wrong with other thing (bug)?


      Thank you in advance