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    Analog pin selection for PSoC63 and EZ-BLE module




      I have a couple of technical questions:



      I couldn’t find the equivalent of the application note AN58304 “PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP – Pin Selection for Analog Designs” for PSoC6. To what extend are the information of this AN transposable to PSoC63 ?

      More specifically I would like to know wether the architecture is similar (i.e. analog section in the upper left and upper right quadrants) and which ports are best for analog applications (for PSoC3 and PSoC5LP it is said that P0[7:0], P3[7:0], and P4[7:0] have a performance advantage). What sort of signal to noise ratio do these ports have compared to the other ports ? I am trying to determine wether using other ports than P0, P3 or P4 would be a problem for my application or not. I am sampling 20 analog inputs at 100Hz (ideally 1kHz).



      I am planning to use the EZ-BLE module (CYBLE-416045-02). The Datasheet page 6 paragraph “Analog blocks” reads "The SAR is connected to a fixed set of pins” but it does not say which ones ? How many “true” analog ports (i.e. P0, P3 and P4) are available in the module ? It seems to me that only P0.0 (pin 5), P0.1 (pin 6) and P0.4 (pin 41) are available. P3 and P4 do not seem accessible. Which means that only three true analog pins of PSoC63 would be available in the EZ-BLE module… Is that correct ?


      Many thanks !



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          Hello Matt,


          1)The PSoC 6 anlaog routing and architecture is not similar to PSoC5. So you may not be able to use that AN while designing with PSoC6.  Please refer PSoC6 Hardware Design Guide for reference. This document suggests the pins suitable for the component you are going to use. For example port 10 is dedicated for SAR ADC. Port 9 is next preferred port. This is because connection to other ports will include additional switch resistances on the path.


          2) The same is true for CYBLE-416045-02 module. Port 10 is directly connected to the port and port 9 is the next option. The description you are suggesting is regarding the working of the ADC where the input is switched between the user selected pins. The ADC have connectivity to other pins at the expense of additional switch resistances.


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