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    CYW20706 用WICED Studio下载失败


      按照CYW920706WCDEVAL Kit Guide指示下载hello_sensor到CYW920706WCDEVAL WICED evaluation board 提示失败,按照Appendix D: Recovering a Corrupted Board 也是失败。我用的windows 10 64位操作系统,WICED Studio 6.2.1

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          Please check if you are connected to correct COM port, i.e. HCI UART (lower port number). Ensure that HCI COM port is not open anywhere else. Put the board in recovery mode using following procedure-

          • Press and hold the Recovery button (SW3).
          • Press and hold the Reset (SW2) button for 1 second.
          • Release SW2
          • Release SW3

          The device should get programmed now.

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