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    How to change MTU size for EZ-Serial BLE


      I am using CYBLE222014 with EZ-Serial firmware pre-programmed.

      I'd like to change MTU size  up to 512bytes.

      How can I achieve it? And what is the default MTU size for EZ-serial firmware?

      Thank you.

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              For 128K Modules , default MTU size is 384 byes ( and maximum size, a 128 K device with EZ serial can support) and for 256 K module default MTU size is 512 bytes ( Maximum MTU size) in Firmware V1.1.1.


          There is no command to send a MTU exchange request. However, if you are using any other client device ( Like CySmart ) you can send a MTU exchange request with the MTU size you want because the EZ Serial has logic to negotiate the MTU size.



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