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    Active Power Identification with Multiple PDOs


      We have built a CCG3PA product that has multiple power options ie: 24/45/60watt output and all advertised PDOs have to change accordingly


      We are currently shipping these and require programming of each specific power profile using Config Utility (painfull)


      What we are after is a Active Trigger to the spare  GPIO on the CCG3PA to set different Power tables (PDOs) based on HI/Low/open reading


      So the main question is how do we store multiple PDO tables and be able to retrieve them for advertisement when specific GPIO pin is used as input parameter


      Thank You

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          It is possible to change PDO dynamically by issuing GPIO interrupt.

          dpm_update_src_cap() will be helpful for you.


          I will put an example to carry out such a behavior as follows. This snippet can apply to main.c with some changes.

          An example for changing PDO dynamically on the CCG3PA Firmware.

          void change_pdos(void)


            pd_do_t SRC_PDO[4];

              if ( //read pin status register somewhat way == false)


                  SRC_PDO[0].val = 0x0001912C; //5V 3A (This value can check on xml file created by EZ-PD Configuration Utility)

                  SRC_PDO[1].val = 0x0002D0D2; //9V 2.1A

                  SRC_PDO[2].val = 0x0004B12C; //15V 3A

                  SRC_PDO[3].val = 0x0006412C; //20V 3A


                  dpm_update_src_cap(0, 4, SRC_PDO);

                  dpm_update_src_cap_mask (0, 0x0F);

                  dpm_pd_command (0, DPM_CMD_SRC_CAP_CHNG, NULL,NULL); //Send PD command about the changes in source capabilities






              //clear any active interrupts on corresponds pin for interrupt





          Also, hopefully, "EZ-PD CCGx Power SDK User Guide.pdf" on EZ-PD CCGx Power Software Development Kit page will help you.


          Best regards,

          Hirotaka Takayama

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            This is very helpful , thank you so much..


            We will try it ASAP




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