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    CCG5 CCC line Upgrade Capability




      So we built a Bootloader for the CCG5 based on CCG3PA CC line bootloader as instructed by you, now it seems that the Cypress Config utility is not able to send data to program our device.


      Pleases see images and let us know what other hoops we need to jump through





      Not sure why


      you can just see that the packets are transmitted 5 * 24 + 8 = 128 byte, not as it should be 10 * 24 + 16 = 256 byte for CCG5.

      also in the configuration utility build 236, it is clear that the data packets are the same for all the rows, at the same time the build 115 send the data packets corresponding to the rows, but also cut to the size of 5 * 24 + 8.



      the only thing that can be done is to prepare a cyacd file for upgrade in 128 row size, and in the bootloader to merge 2 rows to one row.