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    PC receive data from CY3014 fail in low speed(speed less than 20Mbp/s), However, receiving high speed data is normal(speed is about 270Mbp/s)




      I used the official example cyfxbulklpauto_cpp, the code makes the following changes:

      EP config in super speed mode:

      1. epType is set to CY_U3P_USB_EP_BULK

      2. burstLen is set to 2

      3. pcktSize is set to 1024


      DMA config:

      1. size is set to 1024

      2. count is set to 8


      When the data source rate is high (the speed more than 100Mbp/s), I run the C++ streamer, it works normal.

      However, when data source rate is high (the speed less than 20Mbp/s), I can't receive any data from CY3014


      I saw on BBS that other people had the same problem, but there was no answer, How can I receive low speed data from CY3014?