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    Cypress S6J32GEKSNEE2000 Flash Memory


      I have several questions related to programming the nonvolatile Flash memory on Cypress S6J32GEKSNEE2000


      1) What is the expected/max current draw on the device? Datasheet 002-10689 Rev *J states that VCC12 draw 1250 mA during operation, but could that be less when just programming the device?


      2) I have found instructions for Serial Programming in Chapter 14 of S6J3200 Series Hardware Manual Doc. No. 002-04852 Rev. *F. Is this the only method of programming the NVM, and if so is there an example bootloader project for this device?

      2a) What frequency crystal should be connected between X0 and X1?


      3) Is there an evaluation board for this product?

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          A1. I believe the table also states the TCFlash Programming or erasing current spec (section If that still don't meet your requirement?

          Here is the link of latest datasheet:



          A2. It can support parallel programming also. Please kindly get in  touch with Cypress sales team or distributors for the programming specification if required.

          A.2a) For main clock (X0,X1), the supported frequency is 3.6 ~ 16 MHz.


          A3. Yes, you can get in touch with Cypress sales team or distributors to order it.


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          Amy Wang

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