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    Association process - many clients and AP's that use client steering/load balancing


      I have been seeing association issues in our test setup of 100 devices with ubiquiti AP's that use client steering algorithms to balance clients across AP's. We have around two or 3 AP's in the area of the clients but a third of the clients struggle to associate if all are reset at one time, ie OTA update. I am thinking the join behavior hits the closet AP, association fails, and then on the retries it hits the same AP. This behavior appears to be in the WLAN driver and not in WWD/WICED. Is there any way to improve this or at least test for it, short of writing a custom scan and associate function (wouldn't help with roaming and I do not think i would have feedback of association response codes)?


      Referencing this site: Client Balancing - Cisco Meraki , client balancing works by either the AP rejecting the association with a response code 17 OR by using 802.11v - BSS-TM to push the client to an AP.


      Device: CYW43907

      SDK 6.2