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    The pack which is generated by PSoC61(CY8C6137BZI-F14) can't used by μVision 5



           I use PSoC Creator generates a CMSIS-Pack(PSoC61(CY8C6137BZI-F14)),and install it.

           When open keil Project,below message is appear->

                     Error loading software packs

                     Cypress.Pack.1.0.0: device 'CY8C6137BZI-F14_P61': error #531: ResetProcessor property uses undefined processor 'CortexM0p'

                    Cypress.Pack.1.0.0: device 'CY8C6137BZI-F14_P61': error #531: debug property uses undefined processor 'CortexM0p'

           Why did this error occur?Can you help me solve it?


           even though use this error pack,keil project can build OK

           Whether this error will have an impact when it is used?please help me

          the problem arrange in attachment ,please refer it


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