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    Dual core RAM allocation problem


      I am using a PSoC 62 CY8C627BZI-D54 with 288KB RAM.  On CM0 core I just have a main loop with a sleep call inside so I allocate 8KB RAM for it.  I allocate the remaining RAM to CM4 with starting address 0x08002000.  I don't see any compilation errors but the code running on CM4 will lock up.  If I allocate 32KB RAM to CM0 and set CM4 starting address to 0x08008000 I don't see any problems.  I tried setting 8KB RAM for CM0 and leaving CM4 RAM starting address at 0x08008000 and I don't see any problems either.  Is there some rule that says CM4 RAM cannot be in the first 32KB?  I assume if there are no compilation errors then there should be no problem.